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Electronic components are used in many different industries.  Each industry has its own needs and development cycle.  Often each industry has some standards of its own as well.  All of this is in a constant state of change.  Many of these changes will affect the proper testing of the electronic components.

In order to stay on top of these changes Joseph Federico spends time reaching out to customers by phone,  personal visits to to the company’s facility and  offices and attendance at conferences. Joseph also spends time reading industry publications and websites. He often come across interesting items , some directly related to the industry and electronic component testing and some only related but interesting nonetheless.

Here are some recent news items Joseph found interesting and/or useful.

Robots Compete for Attention at 2018 Olympics   (2/8/2017)

In South Korea, it’s incredible to see robots teaching English, working assembly lines as well as cleaning the airports. Experts point to factors including a post-war focus on the technology sector, an eager consumer base, and even an animist religious tradition that may make the populace more comfortable with non-human intelligences. Over the past few years South Korea has sold well over 40,000 robots  half as many as China, which has more than 25 times the population. This month, the country will demonstrate its robotic prowess by using over 80 robots at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. According to South Korea’s commerce ministry, the robots will assist athletes, clean venues, provide translation and even ski.

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Hyper Car

I have been always fascinated of the growth of the Ariel Motor Company from the first patented spoked wheel in 1870 to the incredible technological vehicles of today.  Ariel is truly at the cutting edge of innovation and development.

As indicated on their website “At Ariel we pride ourselves on being small, the advantages it brings, the quality we can achieve and on the friendships we make. At Ariel it’s not just about the cars and bikes, it’s about the people too. Us, the people that design and build the vehicles and you, the people that drive and ride them. For us it’s like a big family, no matter who you are or where you are. With an Ariel you’re part of something very special. Each Ariel is built by one technician who carries the assembly right through to road test and personal sign off. Only when he’s happy will he put his name on it. And unlike a mass production factory you can come and see your Ariel being built, talk to the technician building it and be part of it being created. A vehicle built exactly to your specification, to your colour and for your particular use. There won’t be another like it”

Other Recent Electronics Industry News:

New Cybersecurity Reg Puts Suppliers on the Defensive  (12/12/2017)