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As part of his research to stay current on changes in the electronic component testing industry Joseph Federico reads relevant industry blogs.

Here Joseph shares some interesting industry blog posts  he has come across.

Blockchain is strengthening links in the supply chain (3/12/18)

This article paints a very accurate view of the impact blockchain technology can have.  It is a well researched digested and reported piece that reveals how this inherent ability to allow more secure, transparent and improved tracking of transactions and objects will truly renovate the future world of data collection and reporting in the supply chain.


Picture of the Day: Vahana electric VTOL aircraft takes off  (2/6/2018)

“Project Vahana  the Self-Piloted, eVTOL aircraft from A³ by Airbus intends to open up urban airways by developing the first certified electric, self-piloted vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) passenger aircraft. Vahana intends to be a cost-comparable replacement for short-range urban transportation like cars or trains. The core premise of this project is that full automation and sense-and-avoid technology will allow Project Vahana to achieve higher safety levels by minimizing human error while allowing more vehicles to share the sky. Vahana can be as diverse as its wheeled grounded counterpart when being used for cargo delivery,  emergency services, search and rescue, or even as a tool to deploy modular infrastructure in disaster sites. With Airbus’ long history in aircraft certification and safety, they are uniquely positioned to realize large-scale automated flight within urban environments.


The Cue for Teaching Kids Robotics  (2/5/2018)

If your kids want to learn more about electronics, try encouraging them to take a course or workshop in your community. More and more organizations are offering easy ways for kids to learn, play and create. Other resources include libraries, after school robotic associated clubs, and robotic workshops. In addition, robotics and electronics kits from simplified toys that let kids build introductory robots with ready-made parts (and little to no assistance from a parent or adult), to tiny computers that can power impressive projects are helpful tools in educating kids on robotics structure. These kits allow you and your family to play around with robotics at home.


Other interesting recent posts in  industry blogs:

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