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Joseph Federico, Director of Operations

Joseph Federico NJ MET Vice President and Director of Operations has officially presented a lecture on " Issues on Authenticating Military Marked Components at the 2016 DMSMS show on November 28-December 1 2016 in Denver, Colorado
Joseph Federico, of NJ MET in Clifton, NJ also spoke on the testing of electronic microcircuits and illustrated updated methods of proper electrical testing protocols that should be exercised in testing a component for its functional and parametric performance.

NJ MET test objectives 

The test objectives are to exercise the DC and AC Functional and Parametric requirements as indicated in industry specifications. In the cases of military and aerospace design, the respective subgroups contained in those documents would suffice for the objective tests.
“After supervising electronics and their testing structure for over thirty years, I feel strongly that by exercising the proper testing methodologies, the attendees at the DMSMS conference will have more confidence in the distribution and performance of these products,” said Joseph Federico from NJMET’s engineering headquarters in Clifton, NJ.
For more information on the electronics testing lecture at the DMSMS 2016 conference, or to learn more of NJ MET’s Electronic Testing Program, please contact Joseph Federico at NJ MET’s headquarters in Clifton NJ @ 973-546-5393.