About Joseph Federico NJ MET VP

Joseph Federico NJ MET VP, is an expert in the field of electronic component testing. As a long-time resident of Wayne NJ, Joseph Federico is active in volunteer activities in both Wayne and Clifton, NJ.

NJ MET VP Supervising Engineers

Under Joseph Federico’s supervision, NJ MET has been updating its testing procedures and adding new tests in the continuing efforts to identify counterfeit electronic components. Joseph supervises a staff of engineers and engineering lab techs who perform the tests on the electronic components.  As Joseph Federico explains, the engineering staff follows rigorous military specifications in their testing of components.  The staff has a range of precisely engineered equipment to assist with their testing.

Joseph Federico also plays a key role in assuring that NJ MET maintains its engineering and other professional standards and qualifications.  NJ MET’s professional affiliations include:

  • IEEE
  • ASTM International
  • SAE International
  • ESD Association

Joseph Federico NJ MET Expert on Counterfeit Components

Joseph Federico has become a recognized expert it the engineering and detection of counterfeit electronic components.  He has written about the topic in such publications as Evaluation Engineering and US Tech.  Joseph Federico writes two blogs about the testing of electronic components and the issues facing the testing industry.

Community Involvement

NJ MET takes pride in its charitable works which are spearheaded by Joseph Federico. In December 2017, NJ MET held its 6th annual toy drive. As in the past, the toy drive was targeted to residents of Oasis, a Haven for Women and Children, in Paterson NJ.

Click here for more information.

Over the past nine years Joseph has been very involved in assisting with relief efforts in Sri Lanka. In a recent interview Joseph explained a deep desire to help out orphanages as well as needy families.  You can read Joseph’s interview at http://www.northjersey.com.

Joseph Federico led Team NJ MET at the March of Dimes’ New York Chapter Walkathon on April 28, 2013. This was NJ MET’s 13th annual sponsorship of a team in the New York Walkathon. Click here for more information.

NJ MET has awarded a scholarship each of the past 15 years to a high school graduate interested in the engineering, science and technologies fields. Click here to read about this year’s award recipient.

You can read more about Joseph Federico by clicking on this link.

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